Since its beginning in 1969, Verbatim has been at the forefront of the evolution in data storage technology. Today, more than 50 years later, Verbatim remains one of the most recognisable names in the data storage industry and is an international market leader in the distribution of optical and magnetic media, computer hardware and computer consumables.

As an industry pioneer, Verbatim is recognised for the role it plays in early product development and commercial product introduction of new technologies. Verbatim's leadership role is especially apparent in the evolution of optical media recording including MO and the CD/DVD family of products..

Along with its technological innovations, Verbatim has always been recognised universally for its superior manufacturing practices. Verbatim was the first media company to receive ISO certification, the de facto standard for quality management systems worldwide. This commitment to quality translates into consistent product performance and reliability. In addition, Verbatim provides technical support and service to enable its customers to maximise the performance of its products..

Verbatim is ideally positioned to take advantage of changes in the market while continuing to challenge the frontiers of data storage.

Vision & Mission

Verbatim is a global sales, marketing and product development organization whose mission is to develop and market digital storage, solid state lighting products and related accessories, services and technologies.

To be recognized globally as a progressive market leader known for providing innovative, sustainable and trusted solutions to the ever evolving technological world in which we live and work.

Technology Advantage

Verbatim: No.1 in Worldwide Optical Media Sales

  • No.1 CD-R Media
  • No.1 CD-RW Media
  • No.1 DVD-R Media
  • No.1 DVD+R Media
  • No.1 DVD+RW Media
  • No.1 DVD-RW Media
*Source: Santa Clara Consulting Group, Qtr 1 2005

The only vertically integrated optical disc specialist

  • 1 Manufacturer of Optical Polycarbonate
  • 2 Designer and Developer of Precision Injection Moulding Systems, including Optical Stampers (Substrate Moulding)
  • 3 Designer and Major Patent Owner of Advanced Recording Dyes for DVD/RW and CD-R/RW
  • 4 Developer of printable surface inks for DVD and CD-R
  • 5 Developer of Manufacturing Lines, and Process and Quality Control systems
  • High quality Polycarbonate is an essential raw material for our Precision Moulding Process in producing a fl at and durable substrate.
  • For optimal recording at high speeds, it is essential that the media shape remains flat. We have established “Ultra Precise Moulding Technology” which makes it possible to record at maximum drive speeds for both CD-R and DVD.
  • Many media manufacturers have been reducing the thickness of the recording layer in their media so it can be recorded at higher speeds with lower power. By making the recording layer thinner, durability is decreased. Verbatim was successful in improving sensitivity without sacrificing durability.
  • Verbatim’s printable surfaces are designed to be fast drying, with superior colour durability, long-term ink absorption and a variety of surface options, including wide print and Digital Vinyl inner hub printing.
  • Verbatim can technically fi ne tune the entire production process in order to optimise the overall quality of our optical discs.

Long term technology leader

  • 1 Development of new technologies, including Blu Ray, AOD (Advanced Optical Discs) and HD DVD
  • 2 Alliances with world’s leading drive and component manufacturers and member of all media groups
  • As technological leader, Verbatim is consistently first to market with new technologies.
  • Direct technical communication with all of the major writer manufacturers allows us to work together to implement the proper writing strategy and attain complete compatibility between optical drives and our media. Our media is the number one choice of leading drive manufacturers when testing and tuning their drives.

Letter of Commitment

Verbatim (Shenzhen) International Trading Corporate Limited