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Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

What recordable DVD formats are available today?

Categories: DVD
Date Created: 23 May 2016
Last Updated: 16 Oct 2021

DVD-R - There are two write-once DVD-R categories - Authoring and General use. Although both types of DVD-R media can be read by nearly all DVD drives and players, technical differences make it impossible to write to DVD-R Authoring media using a consumer DVD-R General system and vice versa. DVD-R General recorders use a 650 nm recording laser wavelength while DVD-R Authoring use a 635 nm laser. In addition, the General Use media contains content protection technology to prevent users from making bit-for-bit copies of CSS- encrypted entertainment titles.

DVD-R for Authoring was designed to meet the needs of professional content developers and software producers. The media is primarily used to create master discs that will be mass produced by software houses, multimedia/video post-production facilities and archiving.

DVD-R for General Use was developed for business and consumer applications - data archiving and one-time video recording. Delivering 16X write performance, the media provides secure recording for volumes of information that cannot be accidentally or intentionally altered. The low storage cost, 100-year data life and broad compatibility also make DVD-R General media ideal for small-scale distribution of DVD content. The media can be recorded using DVD-R General drives from Pioneer, Apple, Sony, Panasonic and other leading manufacturers. Recorded DVD-R general discs can be played back by the vast majority of the DVD-ROM drives and video players in use today.

DVD+R - The write-once DVD+R specification is an extension of the DVD+RW format supported by the DVD+RW Alliance: Dell, HP, Microsoft, Philips, Ricoh, Sony, Thomson, Verbatim/Mitsubishi Chemical, and Yamaha. Similar in functionality and compatibility to DVD-R General, DVD+R was designed to provide widespread playback on DVD-ROM drives and DVD video players. DVD+R/+RW drives write +R media at speeds of up to 16X, so a full 4.7GB can be written in around 5 minutes. DVD+R drives and media provide a reliable, low-cost storage solution for archiving home videos, photos, mixed media presentations and data that require protection from alteration or erasure.

DVD-RW - Officially referred to as a "re-recordable" format by the DVD Forum, DVD-RW is commonly known as a rewriteable format. Available with a capacity of 4.7GB, DVD-RW media is recorded sequentially, making it ideal for streaming video applications. DVD-RW media can contain protection technology that prevents duplicating copyrighted content. Users can write to the disc in multiple sessions as long as the disc has not been finalized, but DVD drives and players can only read DVD-RW media after the disc has been finalized. Currently offering up to 8x write performance, DVD-RW discs can be overwritten 1,000 times. Most legacy DVD-ROM drives and DVD players will read DVD-RW media. DVD-RW discs are used by drives and video recorders from Pioneer, Sony and other manufacturers.

DVD+RW - A rewriteable format that offers 4x recording and 1,000 rewrites, the 4.7GB DVD+RW technology is used by consumers for both audio/video and data storage applications. DVD+RW incorporates lossless linking technology, allowing the drive or video recorder to accurately stop and start the writing process, or to replace individual 32kB data blocks. Lossless linking improves compatibility, performance and ease of use, and permits support of drag-and-drop applications like the Mount Ranier specification (similar to CD-RW functionality). For PC applications, DVD+RW hardware can optionally support CAV (constant angular velocity) recording to enable fast, random-access reading of the disc. With multi-session writing technology, users who have not finalized the disc can quickly add documents, data and video segments without having to open and close write sessions. By incorporating the +RW specification for defect management, manufacturers ensure that data is accurately written to and read from the disc.

DVD-RAM (DVD-Random Access Media) -- A rewriteable format that features random write/read suppor

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Support Enquiry

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Verbatim mobile storage products sales service commitment

Dear Customer:


Thank you for purchasing and using the "Verbatim" products, in order to protect your legal rights, "Verbatim" brand owner Granville International Trade (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Verbatim) to you to make the following service products promises, including pledges, to remind, service processes and description of four parts, and provide services accordingly when you need them.

Verbatim mobile storage products sales service commitment:

I. Verbatim solemn promise: service commitments for this product will take effect from the date of purchase, the date the official purchase invoice date of record, you can enjoy the service credentials for Verbatim Verbatim or a Division I dealer invoice;

Second, the product service period:


Warranty service commitment

Verbatim flash drive (the host) Verbatim mobile hard disk (the host)

Under non-human damage, "2-year warranty." Warranty period from the date of entry into force of purchase (invoice date according to subject, can not provide invoices are invalid and can not enjoy the warranty service). Warranty, non-human damage under product damage, the first year is eligible for free replacement of new products and services, enjoy the following year yield free replacement service.

(Except work package cards, CF cards with flash memory card reader) Verbatim flash memory card (host)

Under non-human damage, "full quality assurance"; the first year of the new limited warranty, then the full enjoyment of yield and replacement services.

Verbatim CF Card (host), Verbatim flash card with a card reader (host) Verbatim mouse (host)

Under non-human damage, "2-year warranty." Warranty period from the date of entry into force of purchase (invoice date according to subject, can not provide invoices are invalid and can not enjoy the warranty service). Warranty, non-human damage under product damage, the first year is eligible for free replacement of new products and services, enjoy the following year yield free replacement service.

Verbatim gongbao card (host) Verbatim Card Reader (host)

Under non-human damage, "1 year warranty." Warranty period from the date of entry into force of purchase (invoice date according to subject, can not provide invoices are invalid and can not enjoy the warranty service). Warranty, non-human damage under product damage, enjoy free limited warranty service.

Length of service are subject to change without notice, service and commitment to Verbatim official website posted prevail.

Third, the purchased product used within the period of service and maintenance of the case, due to a fault caused by the components of the machine, after Verbatim art detection determination can enjoy Verbatim mobile storage products sales service, if the occurrence of damage to human factors, will not enjoy the Verbatim mobile storage products service.

Fourth, within seven days free return: the date of entry into force of product service commitment within seven days (inclusive), if the product fails, you can choose to replace your local dealer or returned.

special reminder:

First, the product has been discontinued, to be replaced with the current capacity or similar products or products of equal value.

Second, ask your dealer to request a formal purchase invoice and keep it, and every time you receive services sure to carry! If you are not a protest or Bowes Our dealer invoice (to be marked on the invoice date, product description, quantity of products), or invoice has been altered, blurred, illegible, you can not enjoy the Verbatim Mobile storage products service.

Third, the situation is not in service within the following range: A, due to improper operation, installation, self-change caused by the faulty parts. B, due to improper placement of purchase options, fall, fault accident, caused by the vandalism. C, fires, earthquakes, floods, lightning and other natural disasters, or power supply problems, leading to voltage instability and other failures or damage caused. D, non Verbatim by authorized service personnel to repair, alteration, modification or removal. E, shell damage occurs, the interface distortion, loss, scratches, circuit board burned. F, passed under the warranty period of time.

Fourth, Verbatim not special users and dealers, responsible for incidental or consequential damages.

V. Verbatim from the use of or inability to use or work product resulting from stopping data loss or damage, etc. is not legally liable. Meanwhile, the repair process will cause the defective product content in the product storage loss situation, Verbatim will not be liable, ask the customer to make a backup, Verbatim is not liable for any use or repair process because of data loss caused by loss and is not responsible for other indirect losses caused thereby.

Sixth, when you purchase this product, such as the seller to make some of your other commitments beyond than this commitment, please ask your dealer to ask for written proof to ensure that the vendor is responsible for these additional commitments, Verbatim not this Take responsibility.

Seven other considerations:

(1) Verbatim's products are all repair services, does not provide on-site service, and does not bear the cost of repair and transportation generated in the process;

(2) Verbatim customer service center does not provide, including but not limited to audio, video, software, firmware, and other download services; upgrade does not provide any services except Verbatim formal commitment to upgrade the service by the customer service center of.

(3) When you repair the product, make sure to leave your name, contact your convenience and phone number, your address, to enable timely replacement product will be returned to your end. If you because they can not reach you and return goods delay time, Verbatim assumes no responsibility.

(4.) If your product meets the conditions of three packs of commitment in return, and you do not agree to replace or repair, when you choose to return, please bring the device and its failure to purchase all the items at the vendor, vendors will be free for You return, and in accordance with the purchase price (the price described in the official invoice date) one-time payment.


1. This commitment applies only in the territory of People's Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) the purchase and use of products. Such as national law provides otherwise, it should follow the appropriate national laws.

2. Unless expressly warranty service commitments, Verbatim makes no other express or implied warranties, including the product's salability and fitness for a particular purpose implied.

3. In the free warranty, Verbatim or its authorized service agencies have the right to ownership and disposal of the replaced member of fault.

4. For the above commitments of the final interpretation of Verbatim Corporation.

Service Process: Dear users when there is a problem with your machine

1 You can call Verbatim service hotline 0755-8826 4864; A, Verbatim customer service personnel after the issue of registration within two working days to reply to you; B, if Verbatim customer service staff not directly addressed by telephone question, in case the machine is not to determine the cause of damage to human factors, in accordance with the service commitment Verbatim mobile storage products to provide you with warranty service;

2 You can directly contact your dealer. A Verbatim sales Chamber of Commerce to help you detect machine to solve the problem. B Verbatim vendors can not detect your machine to solve the problem, the seller will be responsible for the machine returns Verbatim, Verbatim by the customer service staff to solve the problem is detected.

3 If you have questions for the service of process or have not wholly satisfied, or Verbatim customer service, vendors appear incorrect behavior, you can send an email to Verbatim sales consulting mail:, Verbatim will get back to you within two working days.

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